We sell both DISKO and Screenix products. You can see DISKO products on this website. They are sold usually to companies. Screenix products are intended primarily for consumers. They are available in our Webshop.

The design of both Screenix and DISKO products can be customised! This means that you can choose how to market them to customers - with a photo, intriguing text or a logotype?

More about Screenix:

Screenix have cleaning cloths with 100% scratch-free microfibre for:

The products usually consist of a microfibre cloth which combined with DISKO's special cleaning fluids offer an effective, environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly clean. Screenix products clean without stripes and are completely scratch-free! They are the most effective cleaning products in the world and don't leave any residue.

If you would like more information about our prices for distributors or price information for products with your custom design please contact us: